2013 - 2016

P-clouds is a methodology for identifying transposable elements in genomes and for estimating the false positive and false negative rates of identification. While using this program, I found a number of critical bugs in the software that lead incorrect results. I tracked down these errors and fixed them as they were found. I then created a number of new methods for identification using similar ideas from P-clouds and tested their efficacy against older methods.

Associated publication:

  • Gu, Wanjun, et al. "Identification of repeat structure in large genomes using repeat probability clouds." Analytical biochemistry 380.1 (2008): 77-83.

Tools: C, Perl, R, Git

Repository: https://github.com/PollockLaboratory/pclouds

Soterea Autonobox


Soterea develops safety devices for commercial vehicles. The Autonobox was a product mounted to the front of large trucks to predict a possible collision and automatically brake the truck before the collision occurs. The product consisted of a radar array attached to the front of the truck and controllers linked to the braking system. I worked on the algorithm testing framework for evaluating multiple algorithms against many different possible scenarios. I developed a file format and language for encoding scenarios to be tested. I rewrote the scenario visualization GUI in Python which was previously written in Java. I produced multiple algorithms for predicting collisions given the radar input data and successfully tested them against the set of developed scenarios. I also contributed to the C software compiled for the microcontroller which ran the Autonobox product.

Tools: C, C++, Python, Qt, Git

Website: http://www.soterea.com/