Data Science Projects

The Acceptability Model

A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis for fitting a new class of evolutionary models to phylogenetics (DNA, protein, and evolutionary tree) data. Built to be flexible.

Perl, R, Mercurial, MCMC

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A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis for fitting a evolutionary models to phylogenetics data in record time. Optimized to be fast.

C++, Perl, R, Mercurial, MCMC

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A method for clustering high frequency oligonucleotides found in genomes into clouds (clusters) and annotating sequences of those clouds in genomes.

C, Perl, R, Git

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Web Development Projects

Player Timer

Are you the one taking the longest turns when you play board games with friends? Finally there's an app to prove you don't.

JavaScript, WebSockets, PWA, Angular

Photosynthesis AI

Tired of playing the board game Photosynthesis with your friends? Go head to head against optimized AI players.

Critical Mass Events

Have you ever tried to schedule an event that requires a minimum number of people? Here's an app that will collect RSVPs and automatically communicate to all the attendees if enough people can come!

JavaScript, Angular

Code Analysis

Do you think your coworker nests too many braces? Do you think you do any better? These tools can help you analyze and visualize the complexity of your C or Perl code.

Diplomacy Timer

Are your weekly games of Diplomacy taking too long? Get everone to submit their orders on time with this handy app. And yes, it syncs.

JavaScript, WebSockets, Angular